Bear Creek Apartments at Williams Village

Bear Creek Apartments are the premier student housing in Boulder. This unique community was created to support students' Academic & Research success. Offering services and amenities tailored to our student population and focusing on wellness and safety makes Bear Creek a perfect choice for CU Boulder students. Graduate, upper-division, and transfer students live here. Students can visit Village Market which sells items including school supplies, snacks, and basic necessities. Customers will also find selections that are natural and organic, locally sourced, and gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. Students can also visit the Village Express, a quick-service restaurant, with take-out breakfast! It features a variety of freshly prepared food, including delicious hot entrees and sides, as well as made-to-order selections. And don't forget the salads, sandwiches and sushi prepared daily!

3355 Apache Drive, Boulder, CO 80309

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