Buckingham Hall

Buckingham Hall is home to the Communication & Society Residential Academic & Research Program, located on the southeast edge of campus in the Kittredge Neighborhood. It houses approximately 200 students and is affiliated with the College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI). All Buckingham Hall residents must be participants of the CommRAP. We welcome freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors that recognize the importance of communication in any career, but particularly those in communication-related majors. Communication RAP is the only first-year program on campus affiliated with CMCI and our entire curriculum is offered in small, seminar-style courses. Head to nearby Kittredge Central to visit the Kittredge Market.

2605 Kittredge Loop Drive, Boulder, CO 80309

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Upcoming Events

CommRAP: Coffeehouse Wednesday

A weekly event from 8am-4pm where students can get free coffee near in the south wing near the Faculty offices for CommRAP.

8/21 8am
CommRAP: Decorate Your Room!

As you settle in and make Buckingham your new home, we'll be providing succulents to plant, mugs to decorate, and tie-dye. Residence Life will also be...

8/21 10am
CommRAP: Mandatory Welcome Dinner

This is a mandatory event for all first-year students living in Buckingham Hall and participating in CMCI CommRAP. It will include break out sessions for...

8/21 4pm
CommRAP: Pearl Street Explorations

Buckingham RAs will lead groups of students living in CommRAP to Pearl Street on foot or by public transporation (all CU students get a free bus pass!) to...

8/21 7pm
CommRAP: Chautauqua Hike or Tour of the Hill

CommRAP students, please join us for either hike in Chautauqua or a tour of the hill area of campus. If you are interested in the event, please meet in the...

8/22 10am

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