Thursday, December 27

Earth Science Photo Exhibit

Winning entries from the 2018 Earth Sciences & Map Library Photo Content are on display throughout the Laughing Goat area, with the 1st place entry, "Garden...

Fall 2018 I-to-F Conversion Occurs & Doctorate Degrees Post (5 p.m.)

See the Fall 2018 Grade Processing Calendar.

Fall 2018 I-to-F Grade Coversion Runs

The Office of the Registrar runs the I-to-F grade conversion process. For additional dates and deadlines, see the Fall 2018 Graduation Coordinators Calendar.

Fund 3x Cutoff

6 p.m. deadline Creation, validation and dept approval of JEs for Fund 30/31 projects, PETs, and Fund 34 gift fund journals due for December.

Spring 2019 Registration for New and Readmitted Students

New undergraduates are notified of registration procedures by New Student & Family Programs.

Thursday, December 27