Monday, May 21

50 Years of Moore's Law

Fifty years ago, in 1968, IEEE Device Research Conference was held at the University of Colorado Boulder. At that conference, Gordon Moore, Andy Grove and...

Allocation changes and creates due for May business

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Fall 2018 Petitions Accepted for Colorado Residency

See Tuition Classification for details.

Fall 2018 Registration for Readmitted Undergraduates

The schedule adjustment period is Aug. 13–17.

UNP Transfer

Contact Information: Name: Campus Controller's Office Phone: 303-492-3166 Email:

eComm Boulder Users Group open office hours

At open office hours, CU Boulder eComm Specialists are available to help with any eComm issues or questions. Please join us! If you have something specific...

ePERs - Part I

ePERs is an online system used for certification of the effort a Principal Investigators (PIs), other faculty, staff or graduate students worked on a...

Monday, May 21