Saturday, June 30

Fall 2018 Petitions Accepted for Colorado Residency

See Tuition Classification for details.

Pay Day for Student-Employees

It's pay day for on-campus and off-campus student employees! Dates are subject to change, refer to the CU system payroll calendar for updates.

Scholarship Deadline: AEL Collegiate Essay Contest

Calling all American Undergraduate Students - Using the prompt: "Describe your understanding of American exceptionalism, and, drawing an example from...

Lunch with the Llamas

Do you like llamas? Have you ever wanted to hang out with llamas? Join the ISSS Summer Outdoor Club on this iunique opportunity to hang out with and learn...

Eco-Social Justice Training

FLOWS (Foundations of Leaders Organizing on Water and Sustainability), a program of the Environmental Center provides leadership training opportunities,...

Fundraiser for the Day by De Foundation

Join us at Five on Black to enjoy healthy, delicious, Brazilian bowls while connecting with social justice and environmental enthusiasts. The Day by De...

Saturday, June 30