Monday, April 29

Deadline for fully approved expense reports

Deadline for fully approved expense reports

Fall 2019 Petitions Accepted for Colorado Residency

Petitions are accepted from April 1 through July 24, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. See Tuition Classification.

Fall 2019 Registration for New & Readmitted Graduate & Law Students

From April 29 through Aug. 21, check your enrollment dates in MyCUInfo, then search for classes.

Fall 2019 Registration for Readmitted Undergraduates

From April 29 through June 14, check your enrollment dates in MyCUInfo, then search for classes. The schedule adjustment period is Aug. 12–16.

Fall 2019 Special Session Withdrawals Eligible for 100% Refund

From March 18 through Aug. 16, in-state students who withdraw from a special session may be eligible for a refund of tuition and fees if they withdraw from...

Fall 2019 Withdrawals Eligible for 100% Refund

From March 18 through Aug. 16, continuing students who drop all Main Campus classes are eligible for a full refund of their tuition, fees and confirmation...

IPHY Colloquium: Graduate Student Presentations

Alivia Blumenstein - Combined effects of sleep and circadian disruption on inflammation Ryan Alcantara - Sacral accelerations predict whole body and stride...

Master's grade change deadline

Master's students who have incomplete grades for courses taken during previous semesters must resolve those incompletes by this date in order to graduate in...

Poveka: Master Potter Maria Martinez 

For a limited time, the CU Museum of Natural History will feature a special selection of blackware pottery created by internationally renowned ceramic artist...

Protect This Land: Making Change Through Visualization

Printmakers from various communities around the United States were invited to respond to the idea that artists throughout history have helped make change by...

Spring 2019 Instructor Assignment Deadline (5 p.m.)

All faculty, instructors, TAs, etc., must be correctly assigned to their classes in Campus Solutions by 5 p.m., or they will not have access to their grade...

Summer 2019 Petitions Accepted for Colorado Residency

Petitions are accepted from April 1 through May 10, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. See Tuition Classification.

Professionalism - Make or Break your Application

How you present and conduct yourself during the application process is critically important. Learn strategies to ensure you put your best foot forward!

Donut Cheat

Stop by for a free donut on your way to class.

Academic Futures Town Hall

An Academic Futures town hall to discuss progress, answer questions and take input from the community.

Graduation Green Cord pick up

Are you graduating or do you know someone graduating in May? Take the CU Graduation Pledge of Social & Environmental Responsibility and pick up an optional...

Web Express Open Lab

Open labs are a great opportunity for you to ask any specific questions about your site, work one-on-one with us on how to use any of the features, or to...

Statistics in Python: Building Neural Networks with Keras

Neural networks are becoming an increasingly important tool in machine learning. In this short course, we demonstrate how to rapidly prototype an artificial...

Financial Futures Town Hall

Faculty, students and staff are invited to hear updates and share ideas for the Financial Futures initiative.

Kaffeestunde (German Coffee Hour) Spring 2019

Join us for coffee, snacks and German conversation!

Lignetics Office Hours

Learn what Lignetics, based down the road in Louisville, is doing to turn wood waste material into high-value consumer products. We're developing new,...

Write In

Join a community of peers and tutors for an evening of writing, editing, and snacking. Open to anyone with a writing project. No RSVP needed. Presented by...

Biophysics Supergroup

PRESENTERS: Falke & Fox Labs INTRODUCERS: Leah Damon & Jon Markert LIQUID REFRESHMENTS: Hough & Luger PIZZA: Will be provided

Organic Seminar: Graham Dobereiner, Temple University

Title: Acid additives in organotransition metal chemistry External additives (such as Bronsted or Lewis acids and bases) can boost catalytic output or tune...

Professor Pierre Savy - "Jews as Political Actors? Minorities and Political Processes in Pre-Modern Italy"

The CU Mediterranean Studies Group and co-sponsors welcome Professor Pierre Savy (École française de Rome: Section Moyen Âge/ Medieval History: Université de...

Alumni Assessment Series: Realize Your Next Career Move

Are you struggling about a possible career transition? Gain more clarity about your personality, interests, and strengths to help you better understand your...

Intro to Outdoor Soft Goods: Packable Hammock - Part 1

Sew a personalized packable hammock for a fraction of what it would cost to buy one! 32-foot seatbelt rigging is included. Meet at the Idea Forge Commons...

Trivia Night

Join The Connection on Mondays for Trivia Night. Test your knowledge of everything from celebrities to sports to history and more! Free to enter! Teams and...

Takács Quartet: Haydn, Bartók and Beethoven

The Grammy Award-winning string quartet has been moving audiences and selling out concerts at CU Boulder for more than three decades. Their irresistible...

Monday, April 29