Tuesday, March 24

Boulder Campus Staff Council Elections

Staff Council Elections open March 10th! Please Vote! Every Spring BCSC conducts our election to find individuals to represent the interests of our campus'...

Mary Mattingly: Last Library

Mary Mattingly is the CU Art Museum’s 2020 artist-in-residence. In her artwork, Mattingly combines Earth sciences, ecology and utopian ideas to communicate...


Submit all grades by this date. See Post Final Grades.


The university remains open March 23–26, but is closed Friday, March 27.

Time Collection Due for Off-Campus Student Employees

All time information must be entered and approved into the CU payroll system by noon on each Time Collection due date. If you miss a deadline your...

close up of two people in yoga pose.

EVENTS THROUGH APRIL 15 HAVE BEEN CANCELED Come enjoy a yoga for everyone amongst the fossils at the CU Museum Paleontology Hall. Whether you are old,...

Tuesday Write-In

​​​​​​Having trouble making dedicated time for your writing? Join other graduate students in this online community for Academic Writing and Publishing...

Virtual Event
Fuel Accountability Seminar

Endurance PhD is backed by best-practices curriculum and original research on habits and productivity. Sign up today and set yourself up for a lifetime of...

Virtual Event
Web Express Bundles Training

This session will give you an overview of the various Web Express Bundles. It is an opportunity to try out the bundles before enabling them on your site. You...

Virtual Event
Web Express Open Lab

All Open Labs will be VIRTUAL MEETINGS via Zoom Open labs are a great opportunity for you to ask any specific questions about your site, work one-on-one...

Virtual Event
Body Language: Picturing People 

This exhibition considers how the pose, the gesture and the body in motion are used by artists to convey meaning. Figural artworks from the CU Art Museum’s...

Chill Time Healing Yoga

Come enjoy a yoga for everyone amongst the fossils at the CU Museum Paleontology Hall. Whether you are old, young, flexible, stiff, or “don’t do yoga”, this...

All female and non-binary Macbeth

Misfits Theater presents a pretty unique take on Macbeth. We are women playing women rather than women playing men, so the emotional and psychological...

Tuesday, March 24