Friday, August 28

CU Museum of Natural History can now be accessed from home!

The CU Museum is now offering a wide range of exhibits and educational offerings for students, families and community members on our Museum From Home page....

Deadline for fully approved expense reports

Deadline for fully approved expense reports


By this date, all non-centrally controlled classrooms should be entered in Campus Solutions. Associated class numbers should be fixed, extra components...

Buff Stops - Navigation, Education & Support Stations

Stop by a Buff Stop tent set up around campus! Get directions to your classes, ask questions or pick up a face covering if you didn't received yours yet....

Virtual Colloquia Series: Fall Kick Off

The opening session of the Institute of Cognitive Science Colloquia Series is set for Friday, September 6 at noon. Come connect and re-connect with the ICS...

Virtual Event
Assignments and Grading with Canvas

Webinar, via Zoom This training is for instructors who would like to gain comprehensive knowledge of the Canvas’ Assignments and Gradebook tools. You will...

Virtual Event
Campus Bike Tour

Bring your bike or rent a B-Cycle bike with your free student membership and join a casual bike tour on campus and beyond. We'll ride some of the preferred...

Friday, August 28