Thursday, September 3

CU Museum of Natural History can now be accessed from home!

The CU Museum is now offering a wide range of exhibits and educational offerings for students, families and community members on our Museum From Home page....

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Beachhead Market Workshop Series

Professional Deep Tech Startup firm Searchlite will be guiding you through finding the ideal initial market to launch your business. LAUNCHPAD MARKET is a...

Virtual Event
launchpad market workshop

Launchpad Market is a two-day workshop designed to help innovators qualify market opportunities and achieve early successes to build upon. The Launchpad...

Virtual Event
Publication Bootcamp: Fall Edition

Want to publish but find yourself getting distracted and caught up in other obligations? Need a group to workshop your paper with? Look no further. The...

Staff Council Payroll, Benefits, Retirement, and Legislative (PBRL) Committee Monthly Meeting

The Payroll, Benefits, and Retirement part of this committee was formed in August 2007, to address the three primary issues of staff at UCB. The committee...

Administering Quizzes Online with Canvas

Webinar, via Zoom This training is designed for instructors interested in delivering quizzes and exams online using the Canvas Quiz tool. The training will...

Virtual Event
How to Find an Internship Workshop

Learn the best tips and tricks on how to find an internship from Career Services. Get help with your resume, how to describe your professional experience and...

Virtual Event
Campus Bike Tour

Bring your bike or rent a B-Cycle bike with your free student membership and join a casual bike tour on campus and beyond. We'll ride some of the preferred...

I Heart Female Orgasm

Are you coming? Join us to laugh and learn about the “big O.” Orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from...

Virtual Event

Thursday, September 3