Saturday, June 4

Effort and movement learning study

The Neuromechanics Lab needs volunteers for a study on learning and effort in a reaching task. We are interested in how the effort involved in a movement...

dates and deadlines

Payment plan enrollment closes today. See Payment Plans. Dates may be subject to change.

CU Athletics High School Football Camp

This camp is an individual skills camp for high school football players.

Photo of LaMont Hamilton walking through a snowy landscape.

To Hear the Earth Before the End of the World (a rephrasing phrasing of poet Ed Roberson's book To See the Earth Before the End of the World) is a light and...

Photo of a galaxy

Many civilizations have looked at the night sky and envisioned constellations to tell stories important to their culture. We can use the planetarium to look...

elle and madison on a ladder on either side of an ajar chest

The Kate Bush Factor centers on performers Elle Hong and Madison Palffy in their journey towards distilling the magic of what makes UK pop star, Kate Bush,...

Saturday, June 4