Sunday, July 10

CU Athletics Girl's High Performance Volleyball Camp

This camp is for 7-12th graders to hone their vollyeball skills to perform at the next level using drills and competitions. There are a.m. and p.m. sessions...

Effort and movement learning study

The Neuromechanics Lab needs volunteers for a study on learning and effort in a reaching task. We are interested in how the effort involved in a movement...

CU Athletics Residential Soccer Camp

Overnight Soccer camp for ages 10-18. A Commuter option also is available.

Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop

Registration is now open for the 47th Annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop! This completely virtual workshop will be held from July...

Virtual Event
Two Gentlemen of Verona: By William Shakespeare

Friend or foe? While traveling abroad in Northern Italy, best friends Valentine and Proteus find themselves at odds over the same girl, putting their...

Sunday, July 10