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Kari Grotting

Kari Grotting left a positive review 3/3/2020

Thank you for the training. It was very informative. I am hoping for a copy of the slides, if possible, because I wasn't able to capture everything. Also, the lighting in the room was really hard on my eyes for some reason. If you saw my eyes close, it wasn't because I was tired or bored, they were just in pain.
The dateline slide was especially helpful.
Thanks also for the nice lunch; that was a welcome surprise.

Wei Wang

Wei Wang left a positive review 3/3/2020

It was great! I'd really appreciate if slides could be sent to attendees.

Kristen M Kruszewski

Kristen M Kruszewski left a positive review 3/3/2020

The presenter was well prepared and clearly took time to curate the content presented. The event, in general, was well organized and fun.

Sarah Dawn Haynes

Sarah Dawn Haynes left a positive review 3/6/2019


Peter Munson

Peter Munson left a positive review 2/3/2020

The folks leading the workshop did a great job. I found the session very informative and will make an effort to attend future sessions. I really appreciate the Career Services folks putting this series together for us.

Pilar Devolx

Pilar Devolx left a review 1/29/2020

I could not get in as the venue was full ... This shows the big interest and need among for the implementation of the flexible work! Looking forward to the next session!

Jinsung Lee

Jinsung Lee left a positive review 1/6/2020

Thanks for providing such a useful seminar. It was really helpful!

Christine Luft

Christine Luft left a positive review 10/10/2019

organized, informative

Kripa Dongol

Kripa Dongol left a review 9/12/2019

more concrete steps please

Lucia Escamilla Gonzalez

Lucia Escamilla Gonzalez left a positive review 8/14/2019

I really liked this workshop. It was very useful for my classes! It inspired me a lot :)