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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is recognized internationally for its outstanding record in research, graduate education, and classroom teaching. The faculty, staff, and students are dedicated to ensuring its continuing vitality and scientific leadership.

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Shannon Stahl

Manipulating "Overpotential" in Electrochemical and Chemical Redox Catalysis Overpotential is a prominent concept in electrocatalysis and electrochemical...

4/6 4pm
Materials and Nanoscience Seminar: Omar Yaghi, University of California, Berkeley

Title and abstract TBA Host: Wei Zhang

4/13 4pm
Amar Flood

Anion-driven Design of Hierarchical Materials Ions are intimately related to the sustainable and technological development of our society, which has helped...

4/20 4pm
CU Wizards "Immunity in Health & Disease: Superheroes Within"

We share our world with microorganisms some of which live with us and do no damage and others make us sick. Prof. Moni Fleshner's presentation "Immunity in...

4/25 9:30am
Materials and Nanoscience Seminar: Alex Spokoyny, University of California, Los Angeles

Title and abstract TBA Host: Michael Marshak

4/27 4pm

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