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The Engineering Center at CU-Boulder is located at the corner of Colorado Avenue and Regent Drive, where it marks the eastern gateway to the Boulder campus. The center comprises 660,000 square feet of classrooms, computing facilities, faculty offices, and research laboratories in an architecturally distinctive and thoroughly modern building. The center is home to the nation's largest geotechnical centrifuge, ion-implantation and microwave-propagation facilities, several clean rooms, low-turbulence wind tunnels, spectrometers, electron and other microscopes, and a structural analysis facility.

1111 Engineering Drive, Boulder, CO 80309

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Nonlinear Waves Seminar - Mark Siemens

Mark Siemens, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Denver Quantum Turbulent Structure in Light The infinite superpositions of random plane...

1/22 4pm
Prepare for the Fair: Networking Tips & Career Fair Strategies

You will learn about how to make the most of the upcoming networking night and Technology Career Fair. This workshop will focus on networking and standing...

1/23 5pm
CompSci Colloquium:  Indrakshi Ray on "Understanding and Formalizing Attacks in Embedded Networks in  Commercial Heavy Vehicles"

Understanding and Formalizing Attacks in Embedded Networks in Commercial Heavy Vehicles ABSTRACT: Modern day heavy vehicles are equipped with numerous...

1/24 3:30pm
Prepare for the Fair: Making the Most of the Fair as an International Student

For many international students, career fairs may seem a bit strange or difficult to navigate, but they are one of the most valuable resources in the U.S....

1/24 5pm
Department Colloquium - Dan Zhang

Dan Zhang, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder Finite-Horizon Approximate Linear Programs for an Infinite-Horizon Revenue Management...

1/25 3pm

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Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller left a positive review 11/6/2018

This event was well attended and a fun way to meet up with CU colleagues and enjoy Spruce Confection scones!

Stephanie Mayer

Stephanie Mayer left a positive review 11/6/2018

I met some new people and enjoyed my conversations with them.

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia left a positive review 11/6/2018

Good crowd.

R Berman

R Berman left a positive review 10/25/2018

Exciting presentation of technical subject.

Michael David Lauria

Michael David Lauria left a positive review 10/31/2018

Good pace and level of detail. Was interested in reading more after listening to the talk.