9 Days of 90s

The Fall 2023 calendar for the International Film Series ends with a celebration of 90s cinema. This complex decade was full of amazing films from around the world that continue to influence filmmakers to this day.

Wednesday, December 6th - JURASSIC PARK - Celebrating its 30th anniversary, JURASSIC PARK is a staple of major studio releases during the 90s and showed the world the incredible possibilities of CGI (which still holds up even today). Based off the classic book by Michael Chrichton, this film follows a group of scientists as they are invited to test out a newly constructed amousement park that has created living, breathing dinosaurs. Mayhem ensues.

Thursday, December 7th - PRINCESS MONONOKE - Presented on 35mm film! - Special intro by Japanese PHD candidate Mikhail Skovoronskikh - A staple of both Studio Ghibli and director Hayao Miyazaki, PRINCESS MONONOKE tells the fantastical tale of a man from a small village journeying to far off lands to confront those who inadvertently cursed him, only to find himself caught in between a war between beasts and humans.

Friday, December 8th - CHUNGKING EXPRESS - Special intro by Professor Tim Oakes - Wong Kar-Wai's love letter to happenstance meetings. This is the kind of movie you'll relate to if you love film itself, rather than its surface aspects such as story and stars. It's not a movie for casual audiences, and it may not reveal all its secrets the first time through, but it announces Wong Kar-Wai, its Hong Kong-based director, as a filmmaker in the tradition of Jean-Luc Godard.

Saturday, December 9th - ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER - Presented on 35mm film! - Special intro by CINE Chair, Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz - The classic drama tale from Pedro Almodóvar that tells the story of a grief-stricken mother who seeks solace in her friends as she searches for an ex-lover.

Sunday, December 10th - A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY - Special intro by film critic Walter Chaw - Few filmmakers warrant their long runtimes quite like Andew Yang. A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY is a crowded, complex crime story that is also a tale of sexual awakening and an understated exercise in kitchen-sink realism. In short — or rather at mesmerizing, necessary length — this film has everything, and is well worth a day of your life.

Monday, December 11th - FIGHT CLUB - Presented on 35mm film! - David Fincher's mirror to 90s violent and capitolistic society created a cultural phenomenon that still resonates today. Is it more or less relevant to our current world? See it again to find out who the Tyler Durdens are in your own life.

Tuesday, December 12th - RUN LOLA RUN - Presented on 35mm film! - Film is ideal for showing alternate and parallel time lines. It's literal; we see Lola running, and so we accept her reality, even though the streets she runs through and the people she meets are altered in each story. The message is that the smallest events can have enormous consequences. "Run Lola Run" is essentially a film about itself, a closed loop of style. Movies about characters on the run usually involve a linear story, but this one is basically about running--and about the way that movie action sequences have a life and logic of their own.

Wednesday, December 13th - TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY - Arguably the greatest American action movie ever made, James Cameron's follow-up to his 80s sci-fi horror about a robot sent from the future expands on the premise with gusto. Everything about this film is expertly crafted - the effects (both digital and practical), the characters, the music, all of it. It established Cameron as a powerhouse director and continued Arnold Schwarzenegger's rise to the biggest action star of his generation (both figuratively and literally).

Thursday, December 14th - MORTAL KOMBAT - Not every film that came out of the 90s is a cinematic masterpiece. Another thing the 90s did well was spit out "bad" B-movies that were somehow still a lot of fun to watch. MORTAL KOMBAT is one such film. Based on the gory video game (though strangely choosing to contain barely any blood), MORTAL KOMBAT pits a small group of Earth's mightiest heroes against and evil ruler of an alternate dimension who plans to....actually, it doesn't matter. It's a dumb movie, but a good time and what better way to end the year?

Thursday, December 14, 2023 at 7:30pm

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