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Achieving alignment is important because it allows us to make good long-term lifestyle decisions in our personal and professional lives. Please join Leslie Blood, PhD, director of graduate community and program development, for this three-part alignment series which will include discussions about values, motivation and accountability.

May 12: Values and Priorities

The first session will cover values, one of the most important factors in achieving alignment. Come to our workshop ready to learn all you need to know about you in order to become less stressed and more successful.  

Please take the following assessments for the Values and Priorities session:

May 19: Motivation and Drive

Motivation and drive come and go throughout our lives.  This session will help you to leverage motivation and keep your alignment consistent when you do not feel inspired.  You will discover how your personality affects driving factors in your decision making and social interactions. 

Please take the following assessments for the Motivation and Drive session:

May 26: Accountability and Reflection

Understanding how to get yourself to do the things you say you are going to do, requires a sophisticated understanding of what accountability structures set you up for success.  Reflecting on your progress is also critical because when you collect information on your performance, you can not only improve planning but also productivity. This session will help you to build a deep sense of trust in yourself and your abilities to accomplishment what you set out to do. 

Please take the following assessments for the Accountability and Reflection session:

Open to all graduate students. 

Zoom link will be provided upon registration