Applying to Tenure-Track Positions

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Graduate School invite postdocs and graduate students to a workshop on applying to tenure-track positions.

Dr. Michael Gooseff (INSTAAR, Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering), who teaches a class titled "Initiating Your Academic Career," will lead a presentation on searching for faculty job positions, the interview process, institution types, and more.

Lunch will be provided. RSVP required via the CU Events Calendar by clicking "I'm Interested."

Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 12:00pm to 1:30pm

University Memorial Center (UMC), 415-417
1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

Recent Activity

Nina Ripin

Nina Ripin left a positive review 9/4/2019

fun and interesting

Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor left a review 9/4/2019

This talk could have been an hour instead of 90 minutes, and it was a bit too directed toward scholars in STEM (i.e., the focus on funding for lab assistants/equipment). Some of the advice given here would be fatal for humanities students.

Karen Bailey

Karen Bailey left a positive review 9/4/2019

Useful but probably would have been better with less backstory from the presenter and a few more minutes for questions

Serena Laughren

Serena Laughren left a positive review 9/4/2019

This was great information and the real-world examples were helpful. Thank you!

Angela L Medina Garcia

Angela L Medina Garcia left a negative review 9/4/2019

I wanted to hear more specific advise on how to prepare application materials, since I will be applying for positions this Fall. Unfortunately, the info provided was a little basic and not deep enough in my opinion to be helpful. I think it will also be more helpful to have separate sessions for applying for tenure track jobs and getting tenure.

G Hayden Swisher

G Hayden Swisher left a negative review 9/4/2019

Friendly presenter with an interesting personal story. However I find his advice extremely general and didn't get much out of the talk I didn't already know going in. In fairness I had attended similar talks at 2018 bps conference so I probably has my hopes too high.

Norielle Adricula

Norielle Adricula left a positive review 9/4/2019

This was a nice combo of anecdotal evidence of what this journey could look like and important information and topics that I hadn't thought about when thinking about tenure-track positions.