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*No Boundaries: Dancing the Visions of Contemporary Black Choreographers:  (Mason, Beahm, Steuernagel, Kootin) 
Aims to perform, document, preserve, and disseminate dances by 10 prominent and influential African American choreographers.
*LA Archivera: The Sonic Archive of Emily Sene: 
(Eisenberg & Lockwood) 
Documents and illuminates the experience of Sephardic Jewish immigrants to California through music.
*The Beregovski Archive: (Malin & Svigals) 
Utilizes the recordings and transcriptions of M. Beregovski, made in Ukraine from 1929-49, in an effort to understand the music of Jewish Eastern Europe in the centuries leading up to World War II.
*America’s Chosen Spirit: (Waldman & Fernheimer) A transmedia project that raises awareness of the longtime presence and participation of outsiders like women, Jews, African Americans, and immigrants in the development of Kentucky’s bourbon heritage.


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