ATLAS Colloquium: Tempestries: Textiles, Tactility & the Climate Emergency

Join the ATLAS Colloquium Sept. 14, 2021 to hear Jools Gilson’s talk, “Tempestries: Textiles, Tactility & the Climate Emergency.”  In this in-person talk (also available via Zoom) about her Fulbright Scholar project, Gilson will discuss the ways movement and textiles shape a sense of place within an Irish context and how in particular, it connects practices of textile hand making and the somatic experience of dress with climate. 

About the Artist
Jools Gilson 
is a 2021 Irish Fulbright Scholar hosted by Theatre and Dance at CU Boulder. She was head of the School of Film, Music and Theatre at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland from 2016 – 2020, and is delighted to be spending the fall 2021 semester at CU. She is an artist whose practice is knotted, knitted and woven between the disciplines of visual art, creative writing, dance theatre and broadcast radio; choreographies with dancers spinning wool; 30,000 sewing needles hung from a gallery ceiling; radio about her Grandad and his chrysanthemums. Her texts, choreography, installation and radio work have been published, performed, exhibited and broadcast internationally. Amongst other things she is interested in the grain and potentiality of textile practices to incisively re-think a contemporary poetics of femininity. She is the first Professor of Creative Practice at UCC.

B2 Residency Details:
Irish Fulbright Scholar Jools Gilson, hosted by Theatre and Dance at CU Boulder, is delighted to have a Creative Residency at B2 in Oct./Nov. 2021. Her project, Tempestries: Textiles, Tactility & the Climate Emergency, is focused on the ways movement and textiles shape a sense of place within an Irish context. In particular, it connects practices of textile hand making and the somatic experience of dress with climate. The project seeks to develop ways to creatively connect the ordinary and exceptional as a strategy of activism and performance through a series of braided processes for wearing the weather; story gathering and making; attunement to processes of touch; embodiment and movement and the development of smart textiles. For her residency at B2 she’ll be doing preliminary collaborative R&D for a full project in Ireland in 2023. 

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Tuesday, September 14 at 11:30am to 12:30pm

Roser ATLAS Center, Hackery, ATLS 208
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