Best Should Teach Lecture & Awards Ceremony

Please join us for the Best Should Teach ceremony, which includes lectures from keynote speaker Professor Michael Puett and invited guest spekaer Polly McLean. Dr. Marcia Yonemoto, Director of the Graduate Teacher Program, will give the anual "Best Should Teach" speech. Additionally, awards will be presented to various indaviduals in the educational field. The Best Should Teach Gold Awards are given annually to faculty members who have made extraordinary contributions to teaching and learning. Graduate student-teachers and K-12 educators will also be recognized. 

The Best Should Teach Initiative strives to acknowledge excellence in teaching and academic leadership. The initiative is managed by the Graduate Teacher Program in coordination with the School of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School at the University of Colorado Boulder. Lindley and Marguerite Stiles established the initiative in 1996 to promulgate the message that “The Best Should Teach.”

Best Should Teach is one of the Graduate Teacher Program and School of Education's featured events of the year. Don't miss it!

Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 6:00pm to 7:30pm

University Memorial Center (UMC), Glen Miller Ballroom
1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

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