Bluetooth Speaker Workshop - Part 1 (Cutting / Gluing MDF Cabinet)

Craft a shelf speaker, complete with integrated powered amp, coaxial tweeter / woofer driver, and bluetooth receiver. Choose from walnut, maple, or cherry veneer for a classic finish. Check out the principal hardware HERE.

The workshop fee covers the cost of all required components for a *single* powered coaxial driver shelf speaker with approximate dimensions of 6" x 6" x 8" tall. If you want to make a second speaker, please see below.

1. You must complete the online Makerspace Safety Contract / Waiver, print a hard copy, and present it to the workshop instructor.

2. You must wear close-toed shoes to the workshop.

3. Watch the videos on this page in preparation for the workshops.

Workshop process:

  • Session 1 = Speaker Cabinet Part 1: cut, router, and glue MDF (medium density fiberboard) cabinet

  • Session 2 = Speaker Cabinet Part 2: sand, corner round, and veneer MDF cabinet (sign up HERE)

  • Session 3 = Speaker Cabinet Part 3: drill speaker hole, router back pocket, and finish cabinet. *AND* Electronics Fabrication Part 1: drill aluminum electronics plate (sign up HERE)

  • Self-Guided Electronics Fabrication Part 2: deburr / sand aluminum plate, assemble, solder, and test electronics. The electronics fabrication may be done at your own convenience / pace with the use of printed instructions, and takes 3-6 hours, depending on ability level. To be done during Makerspace Open Fabrication Hours.

  • Final assembly of cabinet and electronics takes about an hour, and also may be done during Makerspace Open Fabrication Hours with the help of Makerspace staff.

  • All told, this project requires on the order of 10 to 15 hours of work.

Upon successful completion of your first speaker, you may make a second speaker to achieve full stereo sound. Approximate cost of 2nd speaker (cabinet + driver + terminals + wire = $35).

If you have questions, please email

Monday, October 15, 2018 at 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Fleming Building, Idea Forge Makerspace 2445 Kittredge Loop Road, Boulder, CO 80309

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