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Learn about why your breathing muscle, the diaphragm, is the missing link to help you reduce anxiety, improve your posture, reduce your overall pain, and elevate your energy. Using breath work as a restorative practice is one of the best ways to recover in life. Included in this is an interactive breathing session where you will learn cutting edge techniques from the world of physical therapy that will even potentially help you flatten your tummy! There is no cost to attend this program. 

Learning Outcomes 

Participants will be able to:   

  • Apply body weight exercises and modifications that can be tailored to meet individual needs.   
  • Engage in workouts in a variety of settings.   
  • Make exercising fun while including your family.   

Who Should Attend

This interactive workshop is intended for any CU Boulder staff or faculty member who wants to learn more about how breath work can lend itself to better overall physical and mental health. 



Nicole Irlbeck, MS, ATC & Elevations Credit Union 

Nicole has spent her 20+ year career helping clients move beyond their pain, injuries, illnesses, and physical setbacks to restore strength in their body and soul through movement. As a skilled athletic trainer and transformational health coach, Nicole applies both science-based principles and personal experience to her practice and workshops so that every participant walks away feeling empowered and uplifted to take action toward positive change. She received her mas

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