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This eight-week virtual seminar is aimed at third- or fourth-year graduate students who are planning to be on the academic job market this application cycle or next, or early-career graduate students who want a thorough understanding of what the academic job dossier comprises. Grad students are encouraged to attend all eight sessions as each week builds upon the last, but each week’s educational content portion may be attended as a standalone workshop.

June 3 (Week 1): The Academic Job Market
This session will introduce the series, the academic job cycle and where to find academic job postings. We will also discuss unique concerns around the job market in the era of COVID-19. Register on Handshake:

June 10 (Week 2): CVs 101 – Writing the Basic 8 Sections
This session will introduce the CV and lay out the basic eight headings and content of an academic CV. Register on Handshake:

June 17 (Week 3): CVs 201 – Beyond the Basic 8
In this session we will discuss possible sections and content beyond the basic eight headings, strategy for building an effective CV, and have a Q&A period about your CV. Register on Handshake:

June 24 (Week 4): Writing the Job Letter
This session will offer a brief overview of the standard documents comprising an academic dossier and then discuss job letters in detail including structure, content, strategy and tailoring. Register on Handshake:

July 8 (Week 5): Effective Research and Teaching Statements
In this session we will discuss research and teaching statements and their structure, content and format. Bring job letter questions! We will address those specific concerns at the end of the session.
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July 15 (Week 6): Diversity Statements and Application Tailoring
This session will cover the diversity statement and some starting points for writing it. We will also talk about how to research your target institution and some strategies for using that information throughout your academic application. Register on Handshake:

July 22 (Week 7): Preparing for the Academic Interview
In this session we will introduce the common academic interview questions, how to prepare for interviews, and we will also discuss temporary and contract positions and some strategy around applying to and remaining productive in those roles. Register on Handshake:

July 29 (Week 8): Academic Search Strategy for the Current Market
This final meeting serves as both a standalone session around application strategy and implementation as well as a wrap-up of the seminar as a whole. We will discuss staying competitive in academia while adjuncting or working in academic-adjacent or industry roles, how to formulate an application plan, and will conclude the eight-week seminar with a general Q&A. Register on Handshake:

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This series has been a great help. Thank you Cat!




Each session is so informative! Cat really knows her stuff! Thank you Thank you for putting on this webinar series! I hope that you are able to host this again for more graduate students to watch!



Great presentation by Cat! Would recommend to others.

Great presentation by Cat! Looking forward to the following events in this series.