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4001 Discovery Dr., Boulder, CO 80309

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Cassandra Brooks (CU Boulder)

Dr. Cassandra Brooks is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. She draws on a diversity of disciplines including marine science, environmental policy, and science communication to study and seek solutions to pressing environmental problems. Prior to joining CU Boulder, she completed a PhD at Stanford University, studying international ocean policy, with a focus on marine protection in the Antarctic. 

INSTAAR Seminar Series. Hybrid event, in person and via Zoom

Location: SEEC S372 A and B,  Third floor conference center adjacent to Earth Lab offices. 4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO

Audience: All are welcome

Abstract: The Ross Sea, Antarctica, is one of the last large intact marine ecosystems left in the world, yet is facing increasing pressure from commercial fisheries and environmental change. It is the most productive stretch of the Southern Ocean, supporting an array of marine life, including Antarctic toothfish – the region’s top fish predator. While a commercial fishery for toothfish continues to grow in the Ross Sea, fundamental knowledge gaps remain regarding toothfish ecology and the impacts of toothfish fishing on the broader Ross Sea ecosystem. Recognizing the global value of the Ross Sea, a large (>2 million km2) marine protected area (MPA) was adopted by the multi-national Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) in 2016. Extensive research supports that MPAs can conserve biodiversity and enhance resilience to climate change impacts, and research and monitoring is currently underway to assess the efficacy of the Ross Sea region MPA. Fishing for toothfish continues just outside the boundaries of the MPA, and planned research will investigate core life history gaps, including potential impacts of climate change and fisheries.  

After presentation: There will be time for informal discussion with the speaker after the presentation; cookies and coffee will be served.

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  • Giselle Tabibi

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