Catalyze CU 2021 Demo Day: LoopSketch and CHROMAPRAXIS from ATLAS

Learn about CU Boulder's top startups at the 2021 Catalyze CU Demo Day showcase, including two teams from the ATLAS Institute–LoopSketch and CHROMAPRAXIS. 


After dedicating 12 weeks this summer to furthering their ventures, this year's Catalyze CU cohort will pitch to the public in a showcase event, a.k.a. "Demo Day." All are welcome!

Want to mix and mingle with the teams, CU Boulder's innovation ecosystem and the larger Boulder entrepreneurial community? Attend the reception, immediately following the pitches. 

CHROMAPRAXIS, a tattoo ink innovation company with research developed in the Emergent Nanomaterials Lab and founded by Assistant Professor Carson Bruns and Jesse Butterfield, a mechanical engineering PhD student, has been accepted. The company has two product lines:

  • Dermadaptive Ink enables tattoo artists to pioneer a new form of body art as dynamic as the body itself, with color-changing pigments that morph tattoos’ appearance in different lighting. 
  • Invelanin Ink lowers skin aging and skin cancer risk by providing permanent, invisible sun protection. Unlike sunscreen, a one-time, minimally invasive Invelanin procedure provides years of protection without ever making the skin sticky, oily, or shiny. 

Also accepted is LoopSketch, a remote, real-time collaborative software platform for "sketching" musical ideas with friends using user-recorded loops, AI-recommended loops and AI-created loops.  With research developed by ATLAS PhD Student Darren Sholes in the ACME Lab, LoopSketch focuses on group flow and brainstorming, allowing for a remote experience that feels more like an in-person jam session. It makes it possible for musicians in different locations to collaborate and quickly build rich, multilayered recordings. Sholes pitched LoopSketch to judges during CU Boulder’s New Venture Challenge 14 Prize Night on March 17, winning first place in the newcomer competition (event video here), which came with $5,000 in funding. 

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Wednesday, August 4 at 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Williams Village, Multipurpose Room 500 30th St., Boulder, CO 80309

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