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Instructors: Preston Cumming, Derek Bruff, Trina McMahon, Bennet Goldberg, Rique Campa, and Nali Kim

Learn how to implement evidence-based teaching strategies in your university classroom as well as effective methods for assessing teaching and learning. Note: This CIRTL course is hosted by Cornell University on the EdX platform, but content, instruction, and course management are supported by the CIRTL Network.


  • 8 weeks (Sept 24-Nov 19)
  • 4–5 hours per week
  • Instructor-led on a course schedule
  • Free - Access to course at no cost

What You'll Learn:

  • Key learning principles such as the role of mental models in learning and the importance of practice and feedback
  • Fundamental elements of course design, including the development of learning objectives and assessments of learning aligned with those objectives
  • Teaching strategies for fostering active learning and inclusive classroom environments

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  • Andrew Aceves
  • Rehab Aljaafari
  • Norah Nyangau
  • Vinay Nagalapura Ramesh

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