Coping with the Chaos of Life: Messages from a Dyslexic with ADHD

We can all learn from the strategies of people with neuro-diverse brains. What can those with the gift and advantage of dyslexia tell us about how to manage and cope with stress? 

In this webinar, Dr. Sarah Tynen is joined by Brai Schwandt (MS in Electrical Engineering), who will outline some strategies used by people with dyslexia and ADHD. Those with neuro-diversity are often gifted with strong spatial awareness, creativity, and intuition. Their strategies can enhance the lives of everyone. Brai will specifically focus on the coping tools they developed during graduate school.

Especially for those who are struggling with graduate school and postdoctoral challenges during COVID-19, this exploratory session explains these strategies--from taking frequent breaks to engaging in creative activities. We will explain how to make changes to your daily schedule in a way that supports you and creates the most flexible and creative life you want to live. 

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Friday, June 12, 2020 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Recent Activity

Janice Higuera left a review 6/11/2020

I enjoyed the casual format at first but then was really hoping for some tangible tools. It is a very valuable discussion.

Alicia Cowart left a review 6/11/2020

I liked the suggestions for flexible scheduling, but I felt like the session was very specifically geared towards graduate students and postdocs who spend 100% of their time on research. Those of us who teach have less flexibility in our schedules and have regular, inflexible deadlines, so I would have liked to hear more about strategies for those kinds of situations. That said, I appreciated the different approach to working and being productive, since I'm tired of hearing about making schedules and blocking out time, because that just doesn't work for me.

Amy Katherine Robinson left a positive review 6/11/2020

Very eye opening. Would like to see more of these events. Could we bring the Center for Students with Disabilities in for a similar presentation? I'm sure they have concrete techniques they give their students.

Solveig Delabroye left a positive review 6/11/2020

I liked it, some of the strategies discussed were things I had not heard about before that seem helpful!