CU Wizards: Much Ado About Absolute Zero!

Paul Beale, professor of physics and award-winning teacher, will tell the story about heat and temperature, from billions of degrees during the big bang all the way down to absolute zero! We will explore heat, temperature and entropy using hot, cold and cool physics demonstrations such as infrared cameras, liquid nitrogen and superconductors! 

Under the direction of Professor David Nesbitt, these interactive shows are presented are hosted by renowned CU Boulder professors and provide a perfect start to a fun-filled weekend. The shows are geared toward children and young adults, but all are welcome! Each program lasts about an hour and includes several lively demonstration experiments.

Saturday, March 17 at 9:30am to 10:30am

Duane Physics and Astrophysics, G1B30
2000 Colorado Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

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