Day of Digital Humanities: Open House + Lecture

Day of Digital Humanities is an international celebration of the variety of activities surrounding research, teaching, and community, in the broad field of Digital Humanities. Join us with a lecture from Dr Vilja Hulden on her work, Speaking to the State: Representation at U.S. Congressional Hearings since 1877, which is supported by the CHA-CRDDS Digital Humanities Fellowship. The lecture will be presented in-person with lunch provided, and via zoom, from 11-12p Mountain Time. 

Speaking to the State: Representation at U.S. Congressional Hearings since 1877 asks who gets to "speak to the state," and what they say when they do. It investigates patterns in representation at U.S. Congressional hearings, the most accessible form of (federal) lobbying. The project creates a computational analysis of a data set covering over a million instances of testimony at hearings, analyzing the metadata (name, organization, committee...) as well as the full text of testimonies. To maintain a grounding in historical content and existing scholarship, the project focuses on three case studies: business vs. labor, women's groups before and after suffrage, and hearings on the environment around the time of the beginning of the modern environmental movement. The final product will be an open-source, freely available digital publication aimed at scholarly and general audiences in equal measure. 

This event is sponsored by the Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship, the Center for Humanities & the Arts at CU Boulder.

Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 11:00am to 1:00pm

Norlin Library, E206 CRDDS
1157 18th Street, Boulder, CO 80309

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