Demystifying Entrepreneurship: Marketing

Marketing isn’t a means to selling more—it’s about telling the world a story about your product, your services, or even yourself. We’ll teach you how to get the word out with little or no money, showing you what types of messaging sells and what tends to fall flat. Come and test your ideas for the next great campaign and leave with a framework to apply down the road. This workshop is designed to be fun and interactive— come get your hands dirty with us as we learn about marketing strategies to build what you envision!

In each of the Demystifying Entrepreneurship workshops, you’ll work with a professional who’s an expert in the field, from prototyping to marketing. You can drop into any one workshop or attend them all—think of it like choosing which tools you need for problem-solving. Whether you want to build keg-powered bikes in your garage or learn some of the skills you’ll need to set yourself apart when you’re applying for jobs, we invite you to come build cool sh*t with us in these sandbox-style workshops.

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*Please note, you do NOT have to attend one session in order to attend another. Please come to whatever interests you that works with your schedule!

Tuesday, October 19 at 12:45pm to 2:00pm

Koelbel Building: Leeds School of Business, KOBL 142 Computer Lab Bus-Library
995 Regent Drive, Boulder, CO 80309