Does performance based admissions measure up? The proof is in the graduates.


  • Abby Rose, Program Manager, Office of Engineering Digital Education
  • Erica Reid, Program & Marketing Manager, Department of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering
  • Kaitlyn Rye, Graduate Advisor, MS-DS

If you can do the work–and prove it–you’re admitted! That is the motto of CU Boulder’s MEEM, MSDS, and MSEE on Coursera programs. No application, no transcripts, no letters of recommendation, nothing. This system of Performance Based Admissions (PBA), by which students can elect to take a for-credit course without going through an admissions process and gain admission to the degree program if they achieve and maintain a grade level, has consequences for how we consider online learning overall. 

Representatives from the Office of Digital Engineering, the Data Science Program, and the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering will share Boulder’s performance-based admissions experience and results from 3 years of admissions and graduations. In this session, presenters will share Boulder’s pure performance-based admissions experience and showcase learning behaviors and teaching practices that lead to student success.

Join the Zoom

Thursday, September 29 at 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Clark Conference Room