Environmental Board Meetings

We are virtual for the first two weeks, and then through the semester have various rooms each week in the UMC. Please email eboard@colorado.edu that you are interested in coming and to get the details to join us. All are welcome!


The Environmental Board, a joint board of the CU Student Government (CUSG), helps CU students make the Boulder campus a greener, more socially just place by overseeing the activities, budget, and programs of the nation's largest student-run environmental center.  As the board of the Environmental Center, as CUSG service center, we work directly with students and administrators to catalyze change.

The Environmental Board has recently advised on the evolution of campus recycling and zero waste, instilling energy conservation habits through outreach, and developing and expanding sustainable transportation. We administer the Sustainable CU fund, which supports student-led, innovative capital projects that promote sustainability on the CU campus. Recently, the board created task forces to tackle issues with legislation, social justice and waste diversion on campus.

The Board works closely with CUSG and Legislative Council. In addition to representatives from each of those bodies, the board consists of

  • Seven student voting members
  • Two community (non-student) voting members
  • Permanent ex-officio members (Environmental Center permanent staff)
  • An unlimited number of nonvoting, elected ex officio members

Joining The Board

Come and visit to gain more understanding of what is going down. And if you decide you would you like to advocate for campus environmental policy, determine funding for innovative sustainability projects, get practical experience and meet other environmentally concerned students. We would love to have you become a voting member! 

If you are interested in joining the Environmental Board, you must attend three consecutive meetings to be approved by the board.

For a summary of selected programs and initiatives funded or implemented by the Environmental Board, see Selected Program Summaries.

Meeting minutes from the current academic year

Bylaws of the Environmental Board


Dial-In Information

Contact the Environmental Board at eboard@colorado.edu for the link

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 5:45pm to 7:00pm

Varies: online and UMC

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