Fall Used Bike Sale

Every year, the CU Boulder Sustainable Transportation Bike Recycling & Processing Program clears hundreds of bikes off of campus bike racks. Having clean racks deters bike theft as abandoned and vandalized bikes attract thieves. After abandoned bikes are impounded, they are held for 2-3 months to give owners a chance to claim their bikes before they become university property. Many of these bikes are then refurbished by student bike mechanics and sold at our annual Fall Used Bike Sale, which happens every year in conjunction with our annaul BikeFest.

Thes Used Bike Sale is very popular and sells out every year, so we have developed some procedures for selling these bikes.

  • All bikes avaialbe for sale at the Used Bike Sale will be locked together in the middle of the BikesFest grounds (Farrand Field)
  • Those hoping to purchase a bike are welcome to look at the bikes during the BikeFest but will NOT be able touch or test ride the bikes until they have been admitted into the sale
  • At an undetermined time, a line will be organized just outside the CU BikesFest grounds for the Used Bike Sale. 
  • We will issue as many numbers as we have bikes available for sale (for example, if we have 150 bikes for sale, we will give out 150 numbers)
  • Anyone arriving after those numbers are given out will have to wait in line and will be allowed into the sale after all numbers have been called out.
  • Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that those waiting in line without a number will get a bike - we sell out of bikes every year
  • There will be no hording of bikes. Those allowed into the sale will only be allowed to handle one bike at a time. 
  • Anyone hoping to test ride a bike must leave a valid Buff One card or drivers liscense with our Used Bike Sale Staff. 

5:00pm Entrance numbers are issued to those standing in line (numbers will not be issued before 5:00pm)

5:45pm Used Bike Auction - 10-12 high quality bikes are offered for auction (you do not need a number to bike on Auction bikes)

6:00pm Customers are admitted into the Bike Sale groups of 10 in numberical order

Once all customers in line with numbers have been admitted into the sale, customers in line without numbers are admitted into the sale.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 5:45pm to 8:00pm

Farrand Field
2200 Baker Dr., Boulder, CO 80309

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#Fall Used Bike Sale

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