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Welcome to the Enneagram in Academia. Join Leslie Blood, PhD, Director of Program Development and Graduate Community, for this new Grad+ workshop series that will teach you the Enneagram basics and help you develop personal growth opportunities. You will learn how the Enneagram Institute system works and apply this information to your academic and personal lives:

  • Day 1: Type Overviews, Key Motivations, Wings
  • Day 2: Centers, Development Scale
  • Day 3: Variants, Stress, Personal Growth

The Enneagram helps us identify our own and other people's patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and describing the underlying motivations with great accuracy. From personal development to radical self-awareness, this workshop covers it all. Sign up today and become stronger, more centered, more focused and more resilient.

Open to all graduate students and postdocs. 

Zoom link will be provided upon registration