Imposter Syndrome Workshop

This workshop is for anyone who has struggled with imposter syndrome or wants to learn to be an ally to others who face this issue.


Meena Krishnan, the speaker, was formerly the Director of Global Corporate Marketing & Academic Alliance for TIBCO. Ms. Krishnan holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Bangalore University and a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Pittsburg. She spent nearly 16 years at IBM, leading global cloud strategy and working on mergers and acquisitions in the Asia Pacific region, before departing to get away from a toxic boss. She has worked at the highest levels of more than one company and has faced imposter syndrome many times over her career. This has led her to establish and manage DEI mentoring and support groups at more than one of the companies where she has worked and informs her desire to engage with young professionals as a mentor.


The workshop will be virtual and requires no RSVP. 

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Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 10:00am to 11:00am

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Environment & Sustainability


Students, Graduate Students

Masters of the Environment (MENV)


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