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The March Let’s CU Well event features Dr. Maisam Alomar, Assistant Professor in Women & Gender Studies. In this session Dr. Alomar will explore the focus on individual responsibility for COVID prevention which overlooks underlying causes as to why minorities generally had worse outcomes than the overall population in the U.S.  In the days since COVID-19 first became a pandemic in the United States, researchers and health care professionals developed a series of guidelines to reduce the risk of dying or becoming seriously ill from the disease.  Those guidelines were well-meaning, but at the same time they generally focused on “biomedical individualism” (what the individual could do to reduce their risk) to the exclusion of understanding why certain segments of the population, particularly racial and ethnic minorities, were at much greater risk of being harmed by COVID-19.  Alomar will share additional views on COVID-19 and U.S. health care policy during her upcoming seminar, “Moving Away from Biomedical Individualism in Health and Wellness.” 

  • Iris Li

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