Maryam Muliaee: DCMP Visiting Artist

Moving (Recycled) Images: Feminist Media Archaeology in Artistic Practice

In a lecture titled Moving (Recycled) Images, media artist-scholar Maryam Muliaee will talk about her recent works with moving images in the context of both Media Archaeology and Feminism. Media technologies are agents whose power and singularities, as consumer black boxes, remain concealed from our perception and attention. But art is capable of materializing the agency of media and rendering anarchival materialities for our experience. Muliaee’s art practice is motivated by the curiosity to reveal (some)thing hidden in technologies of every day.

She deploys digital tools and everyday technologies such as copier/printer in non-standard ways to create a variantology of moving images, challenge the norms of authenticity and media specificity, and to ‘play’ with the materiality of audio-visual archives. In this presentation, she will talk about a series of work collectively titled as Recycled Series (2016-2020). Muliaee thinks about Feminist Media Archaeology as a promising framework that fuels both her practice and research in media art and study.

In working with media objects and images, she adopts techniques of media archaeology and its creative methodologies of remediation, while staying informed by feminist interests in variation, mobility and haptic modes of viewings.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 5:20pm

Hale Science, 270
1350 Pleasant Drive, Boulder, CO 80309