Mathematical Biology Seminar - Jia Zhao

Jia Zhao, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Utah State University

Physics-informed Computational Modeling of Multiphase Complex Fluids with Applications in Life Science

Complex fluids are ubiquitous in nature and in synthesized materials, such as biofilms, mucus, synthetic and biological polymeric solutions. Modeling and simulation of complex fluids have been listed as one of the 21st-century mathematical challenges by DARPA, which is therefore of great mathematical and scientific significance. In this talk, I will first explain our research motivations by introducing several complex fluids examples and traditional modeling techniques. We proposed physics-informed hydrodynamic theories to model multiphase complex fluid flows by integrating the generalized Onsager Principle and phase-field approach. Then, I will discuss a general technique for developing accurate, efficient, and structure-preserving numerical approximations for solving hydrodynamic models. The numerical strategy is rather general in that it can be applied to a host of complex fluids models. Afterward, I will present several applications in life science with our modeling and numerical toolkits.


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Monday, November 29, 2021 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

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Science & Technology, Research & Innovation


Students, Graduate Students


math bio seminar

Applied Mathematics
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