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Now What? allows you to book a 30-minute appointment with a business expert or attorney. Using this form, you can select what type of expertise you need, and what date/time. This is your opportunity to ask questions about your startup or how to get your idea off the ground—free of charge! Our morning sessions from 8:00AM - 9:30AM will be in person at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship and our evening sessions from 5:00PM - 6:30PM will be virtual, via Zoom. Please note that once you select a time slot, it will be unavailable for anyone else to select this semester, so be sure to only select a date and time that you can make, and select only one slot per date. Get a ticket for Business Consulting if you're looking for direction on sales, marketing, business plan writing, or the direction of your idea. Select a ticket for Legal Advice to speak with a lawyer. Our lawyers can help you with questions about copywriting and protecting your idea, setting up your business, and keeping you in compliance with any rules and regulations you think you might run into.

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