Outdoor Industry Networking Event

The Outdoor Recreation Economy Program at CU Boulder is partnering with Basecamp to bring you Digital Outdoor Industry Networking.


Join us on Monday, May 16, at 10 a.m. Mountain Time.

Who is this for: Anyone who works in the outdoor industry, or wants to.

Who will I meet? No idea, that's the beauty. It could be the CEO of a brand, a potential advisor, a student, a journalist, an entrepreneur, a podcaster, an outfitter, a guide, a creative director...etc.

We often reach out to people we *think* can help us. But what magic can happen when we are simply open to meeting people? Connecting. Building a relationship? Supporting each other. Let's see.

How does this work? You show up digitally with a beverage of your choice (we suggest coffee, but do you). We will separate everyone into break-out rooms of 5-7 people and give you a prompt to discuss. If you get good vibes, share contact info as desired! We will do this a few times each session, so you'll meet lots of new friends in a low-key environment.

Register for Calendar Invite: https://basecampoutdoor.typeform.com/networking


This opportunity to connect is made possible by the Outdoor Recreation Economy Program at CU Boulder.

Their new MS in Outdoor Recreation Economy is completely remote, and the ideal next step for anyone seeking leadership in public lands conservation and advocacy, or helping more folks get outside and access the outdoors safely and responsibly. 

Dial-In Information

Register for Calendar Invite: https://basecampoutdoor.typeform.com/networking

Monday, May 16 at 10:00am

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