Physics Colloquium, "Free range frequency combs – mobilizing frequency comb laser technology for energy and climate applications from atmospheric sensing to wildland fire research"

Presented by: Greg Rieker, Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Abstract: High precision sensing in complex engineered and natural environments is crucial for resolving challenges in a wide range of applications including detecting greenhouse gas emissions, predicting wildland fire spread, designing hypersonic propulsion systems, and exploring exoplanet atmospheres. In our laboratory, we are developing and harnessing the power of mode-locked frequency comb lasers to address these emerging challenges at the forefront of climate, energy, and environment. Frequency combs emit hundreds of thousands of frequencies of light in exquisitely short, repeatable pulses, which enables broadband measurements of light-matter interaction at high accuracy, precision, and stability. As an example of a real-world intervention strategy, I will talk about the journey of this technology from a laboratory novelty to a leak detection network covering hundreds of square miles of infrastructure in one of the nation’s busiest oil and gas basins.

Host: Scott Diddams

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Wednesday, January 26 at 4:40pm to 5:40pm

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