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The Department of Communication and the College of Media, Communication, and Information are hosting the 30th Anniversary and 16th Biennial Public Address Conference.

Justice invents, judges, and destroys worlds. Racial justice. Climate justice. Reproductive justice. Queer justice. Criminal justice. Immigrant justice. Economic justice. Health Justice. Articulations of justice with the topoi of politics and culture are endless. Justice matters as an ideal towards which we strive and a set of practices advanced and obstructed both in our everyday lives and high-profile events, such as executive orders and landmark court rulings.

In public matters of justice, bodies often tip the scales. Since the Sophists, the role of the body has mattered to deliberations over justice, including delivery, invoking a sense of presence, and worries over its earthly deceit. Plato’s derision of rhetoric was grounded in what he perceived was rhetoric’s relationship with justice and bodies. Bodies, in these instances and many more throughout history, become evidence of our regimes of value, mourned, mobilized, and manufactured by techniques of social control.

Today, bodies continue to enact public address and are acted upon through public address. Our bodies raise questions about epistemology and ontology. Through intertwined relationship with identity, power, and agency, bodies affectively draw and repulse the attention of everyday citizens, communication practitioners, social movements, politicians, and institutions.

This theme hopes to bridge rhetorical studies of embodying justice from ancient to contemporary contexts in ways that generate intellectual excitement and political reflection.

Please note: While Friday and Saturday events all will be at the Hotel Boulderado, Thursday conference events will be hosted on the University of Colorado Boulder campus at the Norlin Library and nearby. That location is 1 mile away: a convenient 20-minute walk, 8-minute bike ride, or within the free hotel shuttle distance; the shuttle, however, will take notification of the hotel as there are many more of us than there are seats in the van.    

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