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Join us for a roundtable discussion on how images matter for justice and human rights. We will explore how and to what ends states, activists, journalists, human rights organizations, and citizens use and produce visual narratives of justice and human rights nationally and internationally. Moderated by Anat Leshnick, a PhD Student in Media Studies, the roundtable will feature Mary Angela Bock (Associate Profession, School of Journalism and Media, University of Texas at Austin) and CMCI Assistant Professor Sandra Ristovska. The discussion will center on their new books, Bock’s Seeing Justice: Witnessing, Crime, and Punishment in Visual Media (Oxford University Press, 2021) and Ristovska’s Seeing Human Rights: Video Activism as a Proxy Profession (MIT Press, 2021). 

  • Elizabeth Aliberti
  • Malinda Miller
  • Dr.Samir Mahmoud

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