Saturday Physics Series Lecture, "It's Not Just About Saving Kilowatt-Hours: The Role of Buildings (and Occupants!) in a Truly Efficient Power Grid"

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Presented by: Dr. Lieko Earle

Abstract: Residential and commercial buildings account for roughly 40% of the nation’s energy use, so they are a big focus area for energy efficiency research. We used to think of a building’s energy efficiency simply in terms of the amount of energy it consumes on an annual basis. The goal was to minimize the energy required to keep the occupants comfortable, by improving the thermal envelope and installing the most efficient equipment for major loads such as HVAC and hot water. Recent advancements in distributed energy resources on the grid (such as renewable generation and storage) are necessitating a shift in how we value electricity: It matters not only how much we use, but when we use it. Research in grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEB) aims to leverage the rapid increase in internet connectivity to make buildings more responsive to electric grid conditions, enabling a greater penetration of renewable resources on the grid while ensuring a more secure, reliable, and affordable energy future for all users. 

The Department of Physics proudly presents the Saturday Physics Series, lectures geared toward high school students and adults to highlight the exciting research and practical potential of physics. 

All lectures are free and open to the public and located in Duane Physical Laboratories, room G1B30. Cookies and lemonade will be available after the lecture and talkback.

Saturday, April 27 at 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Duane Physics and Astrophysics, G1B30
2000 Colorado Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

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