SKY Happiness Retreat at CU Boulder

The SKY Happiness Retreat is an innovative life-skills training and self-development program offered to students at more than 40 universities across the country, including Stanford, Yale, Emory and MIT.

Through experiential learning, students gain profound stress-management and leadership skills, develop a personal daily breathing practice, build strategies for social connection and engage in peer-driven service initiatives. Taught over three consecutive days, we introduce the SKY meditation technique, a scientifically validated breathing practice that significantly increases one's well-being and calmness. SKY reduces anxiety and stress markers.

The SKY Happiness Retreat is one of the coolest places to connect with yourself, make awesome friends, and have fun! Understand the sources of stress and the role of breathing techniques in reducing stress.

  • Meditative practice to manage negative emotions and anxiety
  • Help to improve quality of sleep
  • Increased energy level throughout the day
  • Ability to increase personal happiness
  • Learning to deal with criticism and mistakes
  • Taking personal and community responsibility
  • Increasing social connection, enthusiasm, and inspiration

Sunday, April 14 at 10:00am to 2:00pm

Hellems Arts and Sciences, Room 191
1550 Central Campus Mall, Boulder, CO 80309

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