Special ICS Colloquium: Sam McClure, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Please join us for a special ICS Colloquium in Clare Small, Room 207!

Title: The brain basis of human reinforcement learning

Presenter: Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona


Abstract:  My talk will step through a line of research investigating how we learn from intermittent rewarding feedback. I will begin with early experiments addressing this problem with conditioning paradigms. This will allow me to demonstrate some of the limitations and advantages of using fMRI to assess reinforcement learning and to highlight applications to impulsivity and social rewards. My ultimate goal will be to demonstrate how I have progressively increased our precision in using fMRI to study the brain’s reward circuity, concluding with current research directions in my lab.

Bio: Samuel McClure heads the Decision Neuroscience Lab (DNL) in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University, where he investigates the neural basis of decision making with the aim of connecting low-level biological processes to high-level behaviors.

This work has included physiological models of neuronal function, neural network models of reward learning, and system-level analysis of the interaction of brain systems during decision-making. McClure's research incorporates computational models and empirical studies using behavioral and fMRI experiments.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Clare Small Arts and Sciences, 207
1725 Pleasant Street, Boulder, CO 80309