Switch Labs: A&S General Education Curriculum

Last month, the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) announced the implementation of its new general education requirements, which will replace the A&S core curriculum, effective this August. 

Starting March 7, you will be able to preview how the classes you have taken will fall into these new requirements by choosing the “select a different program” option in the degree audit. If you are a junior or senior, this most likely will not affect you in any way.  First-years and sophomores are more likely to benefit from this change and can elect to switch to the new requirements at any time.

If you want to change to the new general education requirements or talk over the differences between gen ed and core for your undergraduate career, please drop by a general education Switch Lab.

Friday, May 4 at 2:00pm to 3:50pm

Eaton Humanities, 1B35
1610 Pleasant Street, Boulder, CO 80309