Symposium: The Muslims of Medieval and Early Modern Europe - New Directions

The 2018 Kayden Book Prize together with the CU Mediterranean Studies Group present “The Muslims of Medieval and Early Modern Europe - New Directions,” an international symposium to be held on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 9am to 5pm at the Physics “Skybox” (Gamow Tower, top floor, Duane Physics) on the campus of CU Boulder.

Open to All -- Registration required.  contact: Jeffrey Baron ( 

Welcome: Chris Braider (French & Italian)

Daniel König (Konstanz): “Arabic-Islamic Views of the Latin West” to a “History of Communication:” Critical Points and Further Research Perspectives

Dag Nikolaus Hasse (Würzburg): “Did the Religion of Islam Contribute to the Flourishing of the Sciences in the Classical Period? Old and New Viewpoints in Central Europe”

Round Table 1: Muslim perceptions of Christians/Christian Perceptions of Muslims
Moderator: Brian Catlos (CU Boulder)
• Alejandro García Sanjuán (Huelva) 
• Daniel König ( Konstanz)
• Claire Gilbert (St. Louis) 
• Erica Ferg (Regis)

Round Table 2: The Social History of Mudéjares - Regional Challenges & Opportunities
Moderator: Núria Silleras-Fernández (CU Boulder)
• Bogdan Smaradache (Toronto) 
• Brian Catlos (CU Boulder) 
• Alex Metcalfe (Lancaster) 
• Mark Meyerson (Toronto)

Round Table 3: Beyond the Middle Ages – Intellectual, Social and Cultural Integration
Moderator: Céline Dauverd (CU Boulder)
• Monica Colominas (Max Planck Institute) 
• Dag Nikolaus Hasse (Würzburg) 
• Mayte Green-Mercado (Rutgers-Newark) 
• Thomas Burman (Notre Dame)

Made possible by the generous support of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Center for Western Civilization, History, French & Italian, Philosophy, Asian Languages and Civilizations, Humanities, Spanish and Portuguese, Jewish Studies, Religious Studies, Philosophy, and the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, together with the support of the President’s Fund for the Humanities.


Wednesday, April 17 at 9:00am to 5:00pm

Duane Physics and Astrophysics, 'Skybox' (Gamrow Tower - top floor)
2000 Colorado Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

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