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Moments of serendipity are unforeseen, and we may never have imagined them possible until they occur. Walking down a path and stumbling across a small cozy coffee shop. Opening your bedroom curtains to fresh snowfall. Talking to a stranger in a grocery store line about a new thing you hadn’t ever thought about. Each of these experiences, where we stumble across unfamiliar pleasant things, are moments of serendipity. 

These special times can only happen when the gates of our minds are left open and curious to potentially fall into something unexpectedly wonderful. We are unable to force serendipity and are only in control of how much we allow our minds to unfold. It is not something that is coincidental or scientific, but is simply meant to be

Join us for this experience as each speaker at TEDxCU 2023 takes the leap into a moment of quietness and listening. Remove your preconceived notions and let yourself plunge into new areas of thought, profound ideas, and blissful experiences that you could never have seen coming.


Jaymi Bauer, Marketing Mystic

Alex Catterson, Sober 21-year-old

Carlos Chaverst Jr., Civil Rights Activist

Peter Genuardi, Health Activist

Austin Leech, Student Software Developer

Amanda McCracken, Journalist

Patti Milligan, Saliva Enthusiast

Orit Peleg, Scientist

Kailey Sieja, ASD Activist

Evan Thomas, Water Technology Engineer (Preview: Capitalism caused climate change. Can capitalism also solve it?)


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