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The Computer Science Graduate Professional Development Club (CS-GPDC) is a student organization run by and for graduate students from the Computer Science Department at University of Colorado, Boulder. The main goal of the club is to help students prepare for the job market by hosting professional training sessions from peers and industry professionals. In the past, the club has hosted companies such as: Arista, Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Oracle and more for events such as mock interviews, hiring talks, and information sessions. 

The CS-GPDC also arranges weekly events hosted by students in the club to help prepare their peers for internships and a full time job. For example, peer to peer interviews, hackathons, impact of Chat GPT, and resume review sessions. 

Check with club organizers for end-of-year meetings, this calendar series was created in late August to advertize the club and may become inaccurate near finals. 

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